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What are your opening hours?


These can be found on the Stores section of the website for each store.
Generally we open 8am weekdays & 9am Weekends. Closing at 6pm.
Bank holidays are weekend hours.

Do you have Dairy free, vegan or Gluten free cakes?
Yes we do, & you can always order a GF, VG or DF cake with 48hrs notice or 2 x working days notice,  excluding weekends – orders taken on a weekend will be processed on a Monday for collection / delivery Tuesday. For delivery Monday you would need to order on the Thursday before.

Can I book a table?
Unfortunately we are tiny, & simply can’t hold tables.

Do you serve dairy alternative milks for the coffee?
Yup, Oat, Almond & Coconut milk is available at all stores.

Do you have Wifi?
Yes we do! But please respect that others would like to enjoy our café too, so please don’t spend all day on the web.

Can I bring my dog into the café?
Sadly not, we tried it for a few months, but found that the hairs travelled around the store and we wouldn’t want them to end up on someones cake. You are more than welcome to collect your takeaway or pop in to ask any questions with your furry friend in tow.

How can I order a cake for a birthday, wedding or just because….?
Please see the Bespoke section on the website. Or email

Do you have highchairs?
We do, but only one in each store.

Can I pay by card?
Yes absolutely, in all stores.

Do you do wedding cakes?
We do, we only have limited availability each year, but email us for more details

Can I use my laptop?
Yes of course, but please respect that other people might want to sit down and enjoy our cakes too, so please keep your usage to a minimum. If you come in for a coffee and stay for 2 hours… you may be asked to share your table. Please don’t be offended.

Where is the Tea from?
We buy our tea from Jeeves & Jericho, based in Witney.

Where is the coffee from?
All our coffee is roasted for us, in Witney by UE Coffee Roasters.